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National VAT law is essentially based upon the legal directives of the European Union (EU). Despite often identical provisions, there are numerous differences in the implementation of VAT taxation in the individual EU countries. Directives in non-EU countries must be taken into consideration. Companies who deliver goods or other services across borders must therefore adhere to both German and foreign directives. Mistakes made in reporting VAT tax can lead to substantial negative financial ramifications.

We offer you comprehensive consulting on VAT issues by:

  • Assessing individual circumstances insofar as this is required while commissioning our colleagues from our international network
  • Optimal organization of VAT relationships
  • Input tax optimisation for mixed sales (e.g. for real estate)
  • VAT risk management (e.g. VAT tax audit)
  • Provision of support for VAT special audits
  • Out-of-court and court legal remedial proceedings
  • VAT tax registrations domestically and abroad
  • Commissioning of a fiscal representative for foreign companies domestically, commissioning of a fiscal representative for domestic companies abroad
  • Deduction of input tax and other declaratory obligations domestically and abroad

Furthermore, we solve your VAT tax-related special problems such as:

  • Serial and triangular transactions
  • Exporting/importing and intra-Community acquisitions/deliveries
  • Services across borders (reverse-charge procedures)