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Property Succession

The Issues

  • When and to whom am I bequeathing assets?
  • How do I preserve my life’s work beyond my death?
  • How do I avoid disputes amongst my heirs?
  • What influence does the matrimonial property regime have upon my property succession planning?

Employed private persons as well as entrepreneurs. Whilst taking into consideration the financial, tax and legal ramifications, we work together with you to find answers to these questions.


Our consulting focuses are particularly:

  • Assignment of Assets During One’s Lifetime and Upon One’s Death
  • Drafting of wills, inheritance agreements and assignment agreements
  • Execution of the will
  • Ramifications of the matrimonial property regime
  • Development of marriage contracts
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Assertion / warding off of claims to compulsory portions or bequests
  • Precautionary powers of attorney, living wills
  • Establishment and management of foundations