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Information Technology

We advise our clients on complex IT projects, including the outsourcing of company divisions, and vendor management. We design and test the outsourcing contracts for hardware and software, as well as services in connection with company outsourcing.

Our advice also includes the IT compliance, risk management, the outsourcing of data center services and data protection. This includes the creation of privacy policies and contractual clauses and the review of contracts in terms of compliance of existing processes with data secrecy acts.

Our services include:

  • Contract drafting and reviews for projects, IT outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing and Knowledge outsourcing
  • Creation of Privacy Policy documentation and review of contracts, incl. Employment Contracts
  • IT Compliance and Risk Management
  • Legal questions concerning the use of cloud computing (private and public clouds) and Big Data
  • Legal issues in e-commerce
  • Internet law
  • Trademarks and Copyright
  • Open Source
  • System Integration
  • Sales agreements (OEM, VARs, etc.)
  • License Agreements
  • Software development and customization contracts
  • Maintenance and service contracts