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Corporate Law and Conversions

We provide legal services to entrepreneurs and enterprises internationnally, regardless of the legal form of incorporation or the size of the company. We support businesses at each stage of their development. Starting with the foundation and incorporation, different growth periods, finance requirements, restructuring, mergers & acquisition, and estate planning. We recommend an adequate legal form of the enterprise and draft all documents and agreements that are required for the foundation of a company, such as the shareholder agreement or memorandum of association.

One of our additional strengths is our ability in helping to solve corporate finance requirements through banks and investors in private placements or through capital market transactions.

We design share option programs and we advise on the structuring of corporate governance and internal guidelines for the ratification of compliance rules. In addition, we represent corporate clients or shareholders in litigation and out-of-court negotiations and settlements.

Our team provides comprehensive legal advice and tax advice during a merger or acquisition, including due diligence services. Our teams are experienced to support cross-border deals in various languages and international jurisdictions.

In cooperation with our clients we develop individual solutions for companies, such as legal company conversions or restructuring that may be required to adapt to changing environments or changes in the law.

Finally, we help our clients to transition their businesses, particularly family-owned businesses, into the next generation or, if applicable liquidation of company assets. We handle the entire estate planning, including tax law, inheritance law and family law.


Overview of our Services:

  • Choice of Legal Form
  • Company Foundation
  • Contract Drafting
  • Corporate Law Advisory
  • Tax Law Advisory
  • Corporate Governance
  • Restructuring
  • Company Litigation
  • Trade Contracts
  • Accounting Law